NFT Project


Future is getting exciting with web3 content. In Metaverse and virtual reality,  users can enjoy exciting environments, explore new imaginations and interact with the other explorers.

We are creating a community of creators who believe in this and are looking to create new web3 content.

Gretxp NFT collections tools and Metaverse creation platform are designed to enable this community. NFT artwork is allowing creators to get value for creative innovation. Creating, innovating and experimenting with speed is the goal. 

NFT Collections 

Cartoon-doggy is a series of NFTs commissioned by Gretxp. It is hosted at opensea marketplace. Cartoon-doggy are programmatically generated 1,000 poses, each with an amazing and unique design.

Cartoon-doggy are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain with Lazy minting.

Cartoon-doggy and 3D Avatars are collection of poses of funny cartoons and characters. In future NFT drops, check out more exciting versions of these and their few first steps in Metaverse or Virtual world. Gretxp is a platform to play around and create exciting virtual worlds and Metaverse content using simple drag and drop. 

Upload your own 3D model or use collections of 3D models freely available on platform to create exciting web3 content. Use them on social media, upload to unity or put it up on any website.


Use it for free! Buy NFTs to get free access to Metaverse creator platform! 


Join this exciting community of NFT and Metaverse creators!


Price of NFT: 0.005 WETH or ETH



Purchase NFT. 


Join the community of creators. Gretxp is no code platform for web3 explorers, we invest the funds in creation of free 3d models, adding new features and providing access to social media and marketplaces. Publish NFTs, create virtual experiences, create metaverse. Its upto you. All the coding is on us.