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User Engagement with Gamification

Online properties should be as living as us. Successful online experiences are filled with interactions, social engagement and immersive content. Gamification is not the bread butter but it is the cheese for your website. Bread butter will always be the product/service.

Gamification for Ecommerce

Gamification has been implemented in this mobile app with over 100,000 daily users. The design was implemented to improve the key metrics such as number of sales, daily usage and customer referrals. User flow designs were created to inspire repeat visits and increase purchases while having fun. Game elements such as daily chest, winning streak and gamified premium subscriptions was designed. 

Figma designs was provided as project output. Duration of project 1-6 months.

Gamified Pop ups 

Popups are known to increase the website conversions and lead generation by up to 30%.

Gamification Pop up create user journey where users can play game, subscribe to newsletter and visit again. Users can engage, participate in brand community and win rewards. Gamified elements such as badges, levels, boosters, leaderboard has been used. Over 1000 websites are using this popup to add engagement and and fun to their world.

This Pop up is available at our platform - it is customisable for any website and easy to integrate. Check demo here:

Try creating Pop up here:

Start with a Free Trial. Pricing plan here:

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