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Virtuelle Erlebnisse

Step Up Your Marketing With Exciting Content and Websites

VR Experiences 
Craft immersive experiences to take your audience engagement to next level.  Amazing 3D designs for educators, consultants, marketers, content creators and hobbyists.

Multimedia Websites

Show case your portfolio with VR websites. Amazing for creators, influencers, educators,  architects & designers. 

Learning Content Management 
Buildvr offers a responsive platform for you to share, track and assess your learners progress. Now teach with virtual classrooms, gamification and videos all in same platform and share with you learners. 
100% safe and private access enabled.

E Learning with Gamification
Start using interactive game elements to engage with your learners. Insert Leaderboards, points, badges and rewards in your website to help you build and engage your community.

Choose templates, designs and get started in a week.

Enabled by Leading Technologies

Create Amazing AI driven images for your content
Leading Tech for Responsive VR and 3D experiences.
100% secure and safe Infrastructure
Flexible, Fast, responsive, modern websites

Buildvr  creates designs that make you successful 

Ease of use

Buildvr is marketing platform and consulting service that is designed for marketers, educators, creators, community managers, designers for new age engagement and learning content creation.


Buildvr comes with genAI (ChatGPT) integrations to suit individual needs and preferences. For tech savvy, what more, stick your own HTML custom code and publish. Hosting on us.


With your monthly subscriptions,  we guarantee in key account manager who will assist you in your plan.


Integrates well with other tools and platforms. Already integrated with Google drive, social platforms, Hubspot, calendly and more.

Scalability & Security

Platform that can grow with your needs. Service Includes hosting is secure and protected with full proof encryption.


Share access and collaborate online with your team for your content and websites.


Effectively manage your videos, interactive content, blog posts, emails and webpages to your clients. Create amazing Virtual spaces, Virtual Tours, VR Videos, Gamified educational content and more.

Content Editor
​Buildvr offers a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create and customise their content easily.

Website Editor
Showcase your website and embed virtual reality experiences and share edit access with your team. 

Virtual showroom.png
virtual jwellery store.png

Engage the GenZ with interactive engaging content.  Share on social media or websites.

Learning Management

Buildvr offers a responsive platform that allows you to share, track and assess your learners progress. Custom made virtual classroom, gamification and videos can now all be put in same platform and shared with you learners.

Viewer Analytics 

Buildvr Dashboard analytics and tracking features allow you to track user behaviour and engagement on your VR website, which can help inform future design decisions.

With over 3000+ published Web pages, Buildvr is a leading VR website building software


If you don't believe us, check out Buildvr Reviews at G2, Capterra and Software Advice,  leading software reviews websites that allow businesses to find, compare, and review various software products.

Check out reviews at leading platforms

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Join the Community of Happy Users

"Jump in user engagement metrics with Gretxp Buildvr" 

Shobha Reality 

Virtual Tour is a game-changer in real estate, and as a Realtor, I couldn't be more impressed. Gretxp hosted virtual tours have revolutionised the way I present properties to my clients. 

"Showcasing is next level with Virtual Showroom"

Rakesh, Costco Retail

Our business website was transformed with the virtual showroom created by Gretxp. The Design Configurator and high-quality 3D models have impressed more customers and improved our online conversions.

"VR Content is a game changer in an over crowded market"

BMW Bird Automotive

Gretxp's tech stack and attention to detail in building our virtual showroom has significantly improved our car showroom experience. The interactive features keeps the young clients engaged in their store visit. 

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