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Gretxp team composed of platform developers, 3d modellers, lots of freelancers and product managers. We are passionate about creating experiences that transport people to new worlds and makes them feel like they've been there before.


We have decades of experience in software products development, user experience development and immersive creations.


We love 3d webverse, because it's all about creating an experience that makes players feel like they're part of something — they can rotate, zoom, walk around, explore.

We have now created over 2000+ 3d experiences and websites helping companies across industries such as furniture, real estate, education and marketing. Submit your email to get a free 3d experience creation.

About Core Team


Prerna is a 2X Entrepreneur, marketer and product specialist. She has been in technology and marketing for over 15 years. She loves building digital products, creative content creation and design strategy and design thinking. Prior this, she co-founded Grubox, a VC Backed venture with hundred of thousands of mobile app users now today!

Gretxp is a tool developed to make it easy and affordable for marketers to develop 3d Content, metaverse and web3 creations.  In this era, Marketing is a totally new realm and marketing tech tools are key enablers for fast, agile and design led innovation. 

Learn more about her here: Linkedin

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Gaurav is a coder and product leader. He loves WebGL, exciting VR space, and creating impactful software products. 

Gaurav works day and night on Buildvr to make it easy to use and simple to adopt for the upcoming startups and innovators. Prior this he has also worked on gamification apps and tools for ecommerce. He is excited to connect with his tribe who are passionate about virtual reality. He is loves traveling and is a big time foodie. 



Oleg is 3d artist and creator . He loves creating amazing models and helping out in putting it all together in the product.

He is excited to work remotely with us for over a year now.  He is passionate about Sci fiction, Disney and animations. 

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