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Over 2000 VR websites delivered to companies across education, automation industry, hobbyists, TV channels and content marketing.

At Gretxp, we believe in the power of immersive experiences. Founded by Prerna Singh, our mission is to revolutionise how brands showcase their content through virtual reality."

Prerna realised that like her own e-commerce startup, many brands struggle to create engaging and interactive user experiences online. Somehow, the offline brand experience is still more comprehensive to deliver a brand's complete persona to its audience. However, this traditional method often falls short of captivating today’s tech-savvy audience.This inspired her to begin Gretxp. 

Gretxp plans to give all the tools to Brands to create a full end to end experience showcasing their legendary creations, featured products, and future vision in amazing virtual locations. This means they can bring to life the most amazing space, in perfect lighting, brand voice, audios and colors.

Starting from a small team of passionate XR content creators, we faced numerous challenges, from marketing to technological hurdles. We realised early that VR is still very new to most creators and designers. However, our dedication to pushing the boundaries of VR technology led us to be ranked among the Top 5 VR software globally on the G2 reviews platform. Our organic traffic kept growing gradually and we gained traction to be now among the top 10 results of Google in the US and India.

Gretxp offers an all-in-one solution provider that enables brands to create stunning VR web pages, elevating user engagement and interactivity. With over 3000+ brands, our solutions have transformed how brands connect with their audience.

We envision a world where every brand can harness the power of VR to tell their story. Join us as we continue to innovate and redefine digital experiences. Over time we have also reduced our development time for any project. With our expertise you will leverage the best websites delivered in record time.


We would like to invite you to experience the future of brand storytelling. Visit our website, and start your brand’s VR journey today.


Send email to get started at

About Founders

We believe that Marketing has entered a new realm where interactivity with marketing tech tools is a key driver of innovation. Traditional methods like videos and images are no longer delivering the level of interactivity needed, which is now the most crucial angle for boosting conversions and marketing performance.

Meet us:

Prerna Singh

Prerna is a 2X Entrepreneur, marketer and product designer. She has been working on software technology and marketing for over 15 years. She loves building digital products, creative content and design strategy and design thinking. Prior this, she co-founded Grubox, another VC Backed startup venture with millions of mobile app users today!

Prerna founded Gretxp with the vision to make it easy and affordable for marketers to develop VR Content, Gamified Websites, metaverse and web3 creations. She is a certified design thinking, gamification and UX expert.

Learn more about her here: Linkedin

She writes a blog at Medium about building revolutionary brand. 

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Gaurav Kaushal

Gaurav is a product leader. He loves WebGL, exciting VR space, and creating impactful software products. 

Gaurav works day and night on VR Websites and Buildvr to make it easy to use and simple to adopt for the upcoming startups and innovators. Prior this he has worked on mulitple website gamifications and ecommerce. He is excited to connect with his tribe who are passionate about virtual reality. He is loves traveling and is a big time foodie. 

Learn more about him here: Linkedin

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