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Why Partner with us?

Want to create products that help users expand their potential and explore their passions through amazing virtual experiences and avatars? Founded in 2022, Gret uses cutting edge technologies such as cloud computing, AI/ML, and softwares compatible with web3. Come learn with us.

Become a content creator

About the program



This is an opportunity for creators and 3D artists to work on creation of virtual reality projects. This opportunity is open for all the artists interested in working on cutting edge web projects. 

Great opportunity to work and build products for global online users. 

How it works

  • Create Realistic, props and objects models

  • Upload .glb files of your model and add media and props from the models library to create a scene

  • Add scene dynamics, lighting and texture to give photo realistic feel

  • Publish it and submit it at and request a contributor Badge on the platform. 


Partner Benefits

Attractive payments for VR scenes and template submitted on platform

Work with Global team and clients

Flexible working hours

Freedom to come up with new ideas

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