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How to start using Gretxp

What is the best way to use this site?

Q: I have added my 3D models but the experience is loading slowly?

Ans: Try to resize the model - best loading experience is acheived at lower than 100M Length / Height

Q: I want to connect VR scenes, is it possible? 

Ans: Yes, this feature is available only for the paid subscribers

Q: Can multiple users access and edit the experience ?

Ans Yes, however, you need to purchase separate subscriptions.

Q. We are an architecture company and we need custom models, can you help?

Ans: Yes, you can submit a request and we will provide custom made model for use on the platform. However, model cannot be downloaded.


Q. We are marketing company, is it possible to create 2 popups in same user registration?

Ans: We are working on it! Coming soon.

Please chat with us in case you have another query.

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