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Step up your Marketing
with VR Websites and showrooms

Enhance User Engagement

Lead by being at the forefront of combining traditional web design with cutting-edge virtual reality technology, offering an unparalleled interactive experience with our custom services.

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Unlock the Future of Client Interaction

Giving a Presentation

Presentations that blow clients away

Transport them to interactive product demos, immersive architectural tours, or data visualizations unlike anything they've seen before.

Enabled by Leading Technologies

Power your content with GenAI  images, code and text 
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Leading Tech for Responsive VR and 3D experiences.
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100% secure and safe Infrastructure
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Flexible, Fast, responsive, modern websites

Transform Your Presentations with Cutting-Edge VR Solutions. Ready to elevate your business? Contact us today for a free consultation and explore how VR can revolutionize your client interactions.

Buildvr  creates designs that make you successful 

Ease of use

Designed for marketers, educators, creators, community managers, designers for new age engagement and learning content creation.


Our Services are optionally enabled by genAI (ChatGPT) integrations to suit individual needs and preferences. 


We guarantee  with dedicated key account manager who will assist you in your growth and advancing key metrics.


Integrates well with other tools and platforms. Easy Integrations with Google drive, social platforms, Hubspot, calendly and more.

Scalability & Security

Platform that can grow with your needs. Service Includes hosting is secure and protected with full proof encryption.


Share access and collaborate online with your team for your content and websites.

Our team of passionate VR specialists, designers, and developers work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals. We then translate your vision into a captivating VR experience that delivers real results.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Award-winning creativity: We push the boundaries of VR to create experiences that are not only functional but also visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

  • Data-driven approach: We measure and analyze engagement to ensure your VR experience delivers the maximum impact.

  • Scalable solutions: Whether you need a standalone VR experience or an integrated component of a larger marketing or training program, we have the expertise to bring it to life.

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Join the Community of Happy Users

"Jump in user engagement metrics with Gretxp Buildvr" 

Shobha Reality 

Virtual Tour is a game-changer in real estate, and as a Realtor, I couldn't be more impressed. Gretxp hosted virtual tours have revolutionised the way I present properties to my clients. 

"Showcasing is next level with Virtual Showroom"

Rakesh, Costco Retail

Our business website was transformed with the virtual showroom created by Gretxp. The Design Configurator and high-quality 3D models have impressed more customers and improved our online conversions.

"Great communication. Easy to work with. Delivered on time"

Kevin, USA

Gretxp attention to delivering VR videos and virtual showroom has significantly improved our  experience. The interactive features keeps the our audience engaged in the store visit. 

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Monday-Friday: 10 am-9:30pm (IST)

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+91 9910013864

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