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Virtual Reality Experiences

Create in Minutes

Get 3d Website, share or embed anywhere.
Get VR office within 24 hours. Make video calls and show presentations.
Share anywhere. 
View with Google VR or as WebVr.

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Why Virtual Reality?

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Creating in 3d and VR space can increase your conversions

  • Forbes noted that 3d can increase conversions by 30% 

  • BBN Times writes that product visualisation by 3d rending have number of benefits such as optimum lighting, weather, enhanced accuracy and textures at very low costs here

  • 3d Visualisation is effective in boosting creativity and saving enormous costs of photography and photo shoots. This happens even before the product or project is complete.


Buildvr is a no code platform to create VR experiences in minutes.

You do not have to worry about the technology, hosting and maintenance. 

Check out our reviews here:


Create in 5 Easy Steps

  • Choose 3D environment or upload your own model

  • Add videos, text boxes and images

  • Click Save

  • This generates a Link: Copy paste anywhere or

  • Embed on website as iframe.


To learn more about how to use the Buildvr check our Youtube videos

VR Experience in minutes

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VR Experiences

Immersive virtual reality or webvr experiences are enjoyable, memorable and shareable. Try today!

Blog Posts

Check out Gretxp Blog to learn trends and tips for virtual experiences, metaverse, innovations in 3d  world.

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