Gamified Pop ups &
3D Emotars for online websites


Increase User Engagement 

- Increase your website visitors

- Increase user registrations

- Improve website conversions 

- Introduce gamification with exciting rewards and challenges

- Increase average time spent on your website

- Increase social shares and build your community

No coding is required. Track your success through our performance dashboard.

Make Online Experience Exciting

Gamified embeds, Emotars (3D Avatars as emoticons) and 3D props, you can create social interaction with your audience that engages like real world.


Create your tribe. Create Challenges and rewards for your audience.


Through Gret Pop ups, designed to encourage sharing and connecting.


Make learning exciting.


Introduce Gret pop ups for interactive Q&A and activities and inspire your community.


Use Gret 3D props  to create virtual environments.

Make them believe in your imagination.


Create e - trainings for health and self care addictive and rewarding.


Use Gret Pop ups and emo-vtars to encourage your users for doing the right thing.

Get a Jumpstart


Create engaging experiences through Gret pop ups. Introduce gamification - challenges, rewards, points, and more.


Embed anywhere.


With our Emotars, you can create social interaction with your audience that engage.

With our 3D Emotars, insert human like reactions for user actions.

With Gamification, keep your users interested and increasing social shares and user referrals.

Creating great content is the key.


Enabled with Marketing Dashboards,

check performance of your pop ups



About us

We have experience in creating amazing user experience, emotional designs, gamification and high speed conversion of online users to place their first order.

The founding team has pioneered gamification in e-commerce shopping in e-vending machines platform across millions of users. We are obsessed about user rating and our apps are rated 4.6 on Playstore and Iphone app store.

We are mentored one to one by one of the top gamification Gurus and International Ted talk speakers - Yu-Kai Chou.

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Everyone is talking about user engagement in online shopping!

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We are in news

Gret as a retail partner aims
to expand in the market with
the vision to help people
discover new products easily


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The Red Herring Asia award is confirming that it is one of the most audacious and far reaching innovations born in India. 


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Entrepreneurs in the retail tech space are eyeing for more than online presence, there is an emerging trend of transcending the boundaries 

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