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Gretxp Gamification Solution


Completing tasks fun way 

Gamification can be used in many ways in the office environment. Some of these include:

  • Encouraging employees to use an app or website by giving them badges, points and leaderboards.

  • Encouraging employees to complete tasks within the app or website by rewarding them with badges, points and leaderboards.

  • Improving employee productivity by using gamification techniques such as leaderboards, rewards for completing work quickly and punishments for taking too long or doing a poor job.


Community Engagement

The first step to creating a successful gamified experience for your customers is knowing how important customer loyalty is to your business. Repeat purchases are vital to the success of any business, whether you're selling physical products or digital ones (like software licenses). 

You need them coming back again and again—and preferably repeatedly referring others as well!

Rewards for sharing content to a specific group of people:

  • “Share this article with your friends.”

  • “Share this article with your [specific] coworkers.”


Motivating Learner Journey

Gamification can help leaners learn better and faster by making it more engaging and fun to study what they're learning. If you have a health, fitness app or a online training school, gamification can be a game changer for you. 

Deploy game elements to motivate completing lessons and improve your engagement.

Gamification is not just for games, it’s about making learning fun and engaging. It’s about making the learning relevant to you and your life.

  Learning can be fun and social. We can create a game to make any learning experience even more interesting and speedy.

Gamification with Gretxp

With our no code platform, create gamification for any use case in minutes.

Setup your engagement plan using the game elements available at Gretxp to motivate your customers, users and employee community.

Gretxp Dashboard helps you monitor behavior and provide feedback to your customers and employees wherever they are.


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Simple and Proven

Setup business goal, get recommendations and monitor the results generated with your gamification in creator page.

Customise your design, add exciting aesthetics and gifs. Change colors, fonts and messages with ease.


For teams with developers that needs to leverage custom features and integrations, we provide APIs and developer support. 

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