Selling through a website by promoting your business by google ads? Can we do better?

Brands and online retail owners face challenges while generating traffic through ads and converting it into sales.

A strategy that many brands embrace is to creating a user community. Many platforms today help creative content to educate, excite, engage users. Canva, Mailchimp, Wix, Shopify, Adobe spark and many others offer editors that make it easy to create campaigns using templates and post across channels - emails and social media. It helps gain mind share and gain traction at your online property.

But is that enough? You may need more. Here are a few tips:

First of all, they should have more than social media. Social media doesn't offer customer care like attention to your users. Two way communication is an important aspect which is missing in online businesses. The best one can do it to allow users post one on one comments and feedbacks.

To begin the conversation, we need to learn more about users passions and interests. Learn about what they enjoy and get excited about. Run a survey, ask in popups, start forum, or just call them up with questionnaire. Build on this in your future conversions.

Offer opportunities to your users to contribute to your social media handles. Listen to your users and do something about the feedback. Sometimes small inputs can be converted into successful products.

Lastly, keep using your product, even if you are bored of it. You may be surprised with how helpful that can be for your performance.

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Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Lot of indicators have been listed for a website engagement, but those aren't the same for a Single brand store. Here are a few indicators that brands must measure:

  1. Repeat Purchase: Usually repeat purchase is defined as number of times a purchase is made in a year from your store. However, repeat frequency must be defined in relation to number of times an item is purchased in a month or year. Many products are purchased multiple times in a year and the brand needs to make sure that repeat purchase remains high of its loyal users.

  2. Repeat Interactions : Brands need to track how many times user interacts with their store after making a purchase. The repeated interactions result in improved user engagement and hence, higher purchase intentions.

  3. Positive shares: Brands need promotions and a lot of resources are spent on this. However in the age of social media, brands need to motivate their users to become its primary promoter. An average user is connected to 338 friends on facebook and has about 700 followers on Twitter in USA.

Customer Engagement Platform

Hence, incorporating this in the user flow designs of your online store is the simplest way to ensure this. Offer opportunity to your users to make a positive share during the browsing and purchase experience of the store. This is the most meaningful outcome of an engaging interaction with the D2C Brand.

User flows for D2C brand store need to be designed not just for high conversion rates. Digital Brands have to build relation with the user in a journey of 3 minutes that is lasting and unforgettable.

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Paper Boat is a brand of traditional Indian juices and drinks by Hector Beverages. This young and vibrant brand has made an emotional connection with consumers in a short span of time. In the new era of marketing, PaperBoat has played the game so wisely using engaging content for story-telling that not only it has made brand awareness but also an emotional contact with its target audience.

Marketing Approach

Paper Boat’s marketing strategy moves around nostalgia and simplicity in its storytelling campaign.

Paper Boat’s marketing strategy

Paper Boat adopted a “Blue Ocean Strategy,” creating a niche category by branding traditional Indian drinks. It capitalizes on nostalgia by leveraging ethnic flavors and a quirky marketing strategy. The product uses traditional Indian ingredients and names such as Aam Panna, Jaljeera. Each Individual can relate this with their own childhood memories.

The brand created a buzz about the content written at the bottom of the pack. The motto to touch the lives of people with emotions got huge success. It gave customers “Meaning”.

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