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Case Study: Building Paperboat Brand

Paper Boat is a brand of traditional Indian juices and drinks by Hector Beverages. This young and vibrant brand has made an emotional connection with consumers in a short span of time. In the new era of marketing, PaperBoat has played the game so wisely using engaging content for story-telling that not only it has made brand awareness but also an emotional contact with its target audience.

Marketing Approach

Paper Boat’s marketing strategy moves around nostalgia and simplicity in its storytelling campaign.

Paper Boat’s marketing strategy

Paper Boat adopted a “Blue Ocean Strategy,” creating a niche category by branding traditional Indian drinks. It capitalizes on nostalgia by leveraging ethnic flavors and a quirky marketing strategy. The product uses traditional Indian ingredients and names such as Aam Panna, Jaljeera. Each Individual can relate this with their own childhood memories.

The brand created a buzz about the content written at the bottom of the pack. The motto to touch the lives of people with emotions got huge success. It gave customers “Meaning”.

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