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Why WebVR is a great tool for Educators


The internet has given us a platform to share and connect. But it has also changed the way we interact with each other, especially when it comes to education. With today's technology, students can have an immersive experience that includes more than just reading text on a screen—they can feel like they are actually there and interacting with the material. WebVR is one example of how educators are using technology to make learning more engaging for their students.

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What is webVR

WebVR is a powerful way to experience 3D content and interact with it. WebVR enables you to view virtual reality (VR) content from within your browser, no matter what device you are using. You can use your keyboard or mouse to navigate around the world, like an omnidirectional treadmill in the physical world.

WebVR experiences for educators range from interactive learning tools that help students understand concepts better than text-based resources do, to architectural walkthroughs where users can explore buildings before they become physically available. In addition to these educational uses, webVR is also finding its way into gaming and industrial applications as well.

WebVR is a great platform for interactive storytelling

WebVR is a unique platform for interactive storytelling. You can create an experience in which the user has agency and gets to choose how they want to experience a story. This is different than other platforms, like Google Cardboard or Gear VR—in these cases, the user's only choice is whether or not they want to interact with an app at all.

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WebVR opens up opportunities for students to use their imaginations when learning history, in addition to bringing stories from the past alive through immersive experiences. Imagine being able to feel like you're standing on the deck of a ship during the American Revolution by wearing your headset!


WebVR is an exciting new tool for educators. It’s a way to create immersive experiences that engage and inspire students, while also helping them develop skills in the process. Using WebVR means you can build your own virtual world, so you have complete control over what students see and do within it! This might seem complicated at first glance — but don’t worry — we have some great tutorials and resources to get started with WebVR on CodePen. Plus we have lots of examples from other educators who are already using this technology in their classrooms today!



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