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Marketing with Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are an innovative marketing tool for businesses and organisations looking to attract more customers or members, as well as for families who want to share the experience of their new home with friends and relatives. Virtual tours help guide visitors through a business premises from the comfort of their own home. They can be used to capture the atmosphere of a physical space, while giving clear directions that make it easy for potential customers or clients to find everything they need when they arrive at your business. This is especially valuable if you're operating in any kind of retail environment.

A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location using a 360° panorama photography or with 3d models to create a navigable experience.

A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location using 360° panorama photography or with 3d models to create a navigable experience. The result is a web-based presentation that allows users to virtually visit the property and interact with its features. A virtual tour can be used for marketing, sales and promotion of your business.

A virtual tour has many advantages over traditional advertising techniques:

  • It's new age - you don't need to spend thousands on boring TV commercials or print ads;

  • It's unique - no one else will have exactly the same content as yours;

  • It promotes your brand - With higher recall value, it makes people familiar with your company name and gives them an idea what they can expect from working with you;

Highlight Special Features - Immersive experiences create excitement higher engagement

Brands can easily

  • Highlight Special Features

  • Give the Customer a Better Understanding of the Business

  • Create Excitement

Virtual tours provide an immersive experience that helps you showcase your business and its special features. They are easy to create, which makes them an effective marketing strategy for any business.

Use the Virtual Tour for Marketing

Use the Virtual Tour for Marketing

Virtual tours are an effective marketing tool for showcasing products, 3D models and many other things. You can also create audios and videos to be used as a part of your virtual tour. The tour is published globally on platforms such as Youtube, Facebook or any other social media website you feel comfortable using it on.

When you're creating a virtual tour using our software, you have full control over what people see first when they enter the site - whether that be an image gallery or product presentation video: you decide how it looks like!

Introduce the Business to Prospective Customers

Virtual tours are a great way to introduce your business to prospective customers. The immersive and engaging experience can showcase the products, services and facilities of the business in a compelling way.

Virtual tours of your offices or showrooms can show potential clients what it’s like inside, showing them all of the products and services you offer. They will also give your audience an opportunity to interact with your company’s brand before they actually meet you in person!

Reassure Customers that their Business is Safe

To reassure customers that their business is safe, you can create a virtual tour that showcases the business and its products, employees, customers and location. This will help you stand out from competitors by showing them what they can expect when they visit your establishment.

You should also showcase your company's history and credentials on this page as well. This will build trust in visitors' minds that this is a legitimate establishment worth visiting!

Offer Virtual Experiences to Potential Visitors

  • Offer virtual experiences to potential visitors.

Virtual tours are a great way to showcase your business to potential customers. From showcasing products and services to highlighting interior design, virtual tours are an excellent tool for building engagement and trust with new customers. You can use them anywhere—from showcasing 3D models of your latest project globally, recording audios or videos of your work space, or even displaying presentations online. Most importantly they're quick and easy to share across social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram!

Provide a Virtual Tour Platform for Marketing and Creative Teams to Send to Leads and Share Across Social Media

  • Share with prospects.

  • Share with customers.

  • Share with creative teams.

  • Share with partners (like real estate agents and contractors).

Share with employees, like other departments or teams who can provide additional service value to your clientele.

Share it internally for others within the company who are interested in seeing what you can create for them using this product or service (i.e., investors, suppliers, media contacts, etc.).

Virtual tours help in quality marketing.

Virtual tours help in quality marketing.

With virtual tours, you can show how your product looks like and how it works. This helps the customer to visualize the product before making a purchase decision. Also, it helps them understand what they are getting by paying money for it.

Using Virtual Tours as part of social media strategy

Virtual tours are becoming the best tool for online marketing nowadays. They have a lot of benefits compared to other means of marketing and can be easily integrated into your website. You can also use them as part of your social media content strategy to show off new products or services and increase engagement with customers. The possibilities for using virtual tour technology in business are endless! Try Gretxp if you believe in this idea!



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