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What is virtual experience?


Virtual Experience is an emerging trend in marketing world. Leading brands such as Nike, Bosch, H&M, leading automobile brands such as Toyota, Honda, Hero etc. have launched their virtual showroom and more are joining this trend. This is because we have now moved from the traditional ways of doing things to disruptive technology solutions, which are much more convenient and efficient for us.

3d experience

3D Experience is a virtual tour that immerses you in a 3D representation of your property. You can interact with the model using your mouse or controller, allowing you to see it from any angle. Once you're done exploring, we provide you with a video recording of your session so that you can share it with friends and family members who weren't able to attend your meeting.

Virtual showroom

Virtual showrooms are a great way to showcase your products in an immersive, unique experience.

Virtual reality is becoming more popular every day, and we want you to be able to take advantage of this growing technology.

We can help you create a virtual reality showroom that will allow your customers to view your products in an immersive way on any device.

Our web3d technology allows users to navigate through the space and interact with the product by touching or clicking on it. You can even customize the look of your virtual experience so that it fits into the theme of your brand!

Virtual Showroom


Web3D is a web-based 3d environment. Web3d is available through your web browser, and allows you to explore 3D worlds in real time with other users.

Web3d was first developed by The Virtual Reality Company in 1993, who then spun off into two separate companies: Vrcade Entertainment Inc., which focused on the gaming side of VRC; and VRcollab Inc., which focused on social networking within virtual environments. In 2006, both companies were acquired by Intel Corporation.

360 degree viewing

When you see a 360-degree video or image, you can use your mouse to drag the scene in any direction. As you move around, the view changes and it's as if you're actually there — but without needing to travel. There are several different types of 360 videos that can be created using different methods; here we'll go over some basic principles so that you know what to expect when watching this type of content.

Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive computer-simulated environment where users engage with virtual objects and persons through specialized electronic equipment [1]. The immersive experience of VR involves 5 senses: sight (seeing), hearing (hearing), touch (feeling), smell and taste. And this is exactly what we achieve when using our Virtual Reality Headset + Motion Controller! With our VR headset on we can play games together with friends by looking at each other in real time through cameras mounted inside the headset itself!

Getting Immersive

Virtual reality (VR) is considered one of the most immersive mediums. VR offers a fully realized environment where users can be transported to another world that they can explore and interact with. This type of experience has been made famous by games like Minecraft, which allows you to explore a virtual world while completing missions and gathering resources.

Virtual reality is often used as an abbreviation for augmented reality (AR), as well though AR also refers to adding elements to our physical world through computer-generated technology such as smartphones or tablets. In this sense, anything that allows us to see something beyond what's actually in front of us qualifies as AR—including sunglasses equipped with cameras!

Mixed Reality (MR) goes one step further than AR by allowing users not only see things but also interact with them too! For example, Microsoft's HoloLens uses MR technology so people can create 3D objects on their desktops or even play video games using holograms projected onto their walls or ceilings!

Virtual Experience

Virtual experience is a way to show the product in the virtual world. It is a way to see the product in 3d and 360 degree viewing.

Virtual experience allows you to see how your product will look like when it's on display, or what it looks like without having to actually buy it first. This can save some money, as well as time spent waiting for shipping, trying things on at stores and returning them if they don't fit right or don't suit your taste.

It also allows people who are not near certain stores or brands' locations (e.g., people living overseas) an easier way of purchasing goods from brands that aren't available where they live yet - providing them with another option for shopping online other than buying them directly from their websites or stores themselves


Virtual Experience is a great way for your company to connect with your customers. You can use this technology to create virtual reality shows, or even just use it as a way to showcase products and services from around the world. It’s really up to you how you want to use this technology, but we hope we have given you some ideas on how it could benefit your business! Try Buildvr, a platform to create 3d experiences and virtual showrooms for your brand at very low budget.



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