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How to host virtual reality meeting


The World Economic Forum has organised a virtual reality meeting for the first time in its history. The meeting is hosted in the online platform called Socio and it brings together more than 80 leaders from the world of business, government and civil society to address some of the world’s most pressing problems. Thousands of people can take part at once and there are also 'break out' rooms which can only hold 10 people

In the virtual reality world you will be guided by avatars. Avatars assistants can provide private tours of the conference rooms and side events during breaks. You can walk around by clicking on your screen or you can use your own smartphone to move around. You can showcase your company promotional content - videos and images in the VR office. You can use this office as your sales office!

In a VR Space, you can walk around by clicking on your screen or you can use your own smartphone to move around.

3D Virtual Reality

  • Click to move. If you're using a laptop or desktop, you can click anywhere on the screen to begin moving forward in that direction. This is similar to how you move around in most video games and virtual reality games, so it's a familiar process for many people.

  • Use your smartphone as a controller. You may also be able to use your smartphone as a controller if the meeting room has cameras set up and connected to the computers (which is rare). This will allow everyone else with their own smartphones or tablets equipped with Google Cardboard headsets (or any other VR headset) to move around as well!

Participants can also take selfies with other participants and even have chats with speakers.

In addition to just watching the meeting, participants can also take selfies with other participants and even have chats with speakers. The following are some examples of what you can do in a virtual reality meeting:

  • You can take part in the meeting, including listening to speeches by your colleagues.

  • You can take part in the side events, such as going out for lunch or visiting local attractions.

  • You can also participate in private tours where you get to see more than just what's on display at the convention center. This might include visiting historical sites or even seeing an artist's studio!

  • Finally, if you'd rather spend your time exploring virtual worlds instead of real ones then no problem! This is one area where VR technology has truly taken off so there will definitely be something here for everyone regardless of age group (or interests).

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Virtual meetings are going to be important to our lives

Virtual reality is a buzzword that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. It's all over the news, and it seems like everyone is talking about how VR is going to change everything. This can be overwhelming for those of us who don't have experience in the industry—but it sounds like something that could really make a difference in your business, so let's try to get on top of this topic together!

Virtual reality meetings are going to be important to our lives: they'll change the way we work by giving us more remote access, trainings and educational options. They'll also affect entertainment and socializing as well as business meetings, conferences and training sessions.


The world of business is changing and virtual reality meetings are one way that companies can adapt and stay relevant. They allow employees to connect with colleagues from all around the world, and they also give clients a chance to participate in discussions without being physically present at the meeting location. This means that businesses can operate more efficiently while saving money on travel expenses due to less staff needing travel time or accommodation costs!

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